A. Sign Up and Registration:

1.  Do I need to register with Globe Alpha to post an ad?

Answer: Yes, you do have to register to post an ad but not browse and reply to ads. First click on sign up button on the home page, it ask for your e-mail id and name (give the required details) and click on register button. Globe Alpha sends you activation link to your registered mail account and you can click the link to activate your account.

B. Post ads:

1. How do I post my ad?

Answer: click on a post a free ad button on Globe Alpha homepage, it takes you to product description page where you can enter your product description and details by filling up (*) important fields and click on continue button and then select seller type and posting for and click on continue, upload any images if required, terms and conditions of your ad and click on continue. It shows a message by saying your ad is for approval and it will be listed soon.

2. Do I get charged for posting my ad?

Answer: No, you will not be charged. It is completely FREE unless we advise otherwise by updating the Terms and Conditions.

3. When will my ad go live on the wall?

Answer: after posting your ad the Globe Alpha team sends e-mail to confirm that your ad will be posted within 24hrs of the e-mail. If you have not received this confirmation e-mail, we may contact you questions or clarifications before we may post your ad.

C. My globe alpha:

1. How can I update my Globe Alpha profile?

Answer: after login in to the Globe Alpha page, move your cursor on to my Globe Alpha symbol. Select my profile option from drop-down list and update your profile.

2. Can I create my own password after registering into Globe Alpha?

Answer: Yes, once you registered for first time you will receive password from Globe Alpha administration. After logging into Globe Alpha website, select my profile from my Globe Alpha tab on the top right-hand of the page and you can find change password option on the right-hand side of the page. You can change password according password security rules. It is your responsibility to keep the username and password confidential.

3. How do I reply to an ad on Globe Alpha website?

Answer: we provided contact information of an advertiser under ad description. So, you can contact the advertiser by phone or e-mail.

4. Can I edit my ad?

Answer: yes, select manage ads from my Globe Alpha tab and you can edit your ad and re-post your ad or you can delete your ad.

5. My ad is deleted

Answer: Globe Alpha may remove, delete or amend you post/ad in part or whole at any time with or without prior written notice to you if your post/ad is considered by Globe Alpha to be unsuitable or inappropriate or in breach of any of the Globe Alpha Terms and Conditions or other policies (as may be introduced from time to time) or your ad has expired.   

6. What types of ad’s are not allowed to be posted on Globe Alpha website?

Answer: As a condition of using our site, you are agreeing that you will not violate any Globe Alpha Terms and Conditions, others policies (as introduced from time to time), post any false or misleading information, post any defamatory, abusive, threatening, indecent, obscene or other material that Globe Alpha considers (in its sole discretion) to be an unsuitable post or any materials which are in breach of any applicable laws, regulations, rules or standards. In addition Globe Alpha reserves the above rights if any post/material which may infringe any third party rights or rights or interests of Globe Alpha or other users of our site, breach the copyright or intellectual property of third parties without their written consent (this includes copying, amending/modifying or distribution third party content).

7. Need to pay any fees for posting an ad?

Answer: The posting services on our site are currently FREE. However we reserve the right to introduce a fee/charge for this service at any time with 7 days’ notice which shall be by way of updating the provisions of the Terms of Use. Unfortunately it is not possible to send individual notices to users (registered or otherwise). It is therefore your responsibility to check this site’s Terms of Use from time to time or during the use of this for updating. 

8. How can I complain relating to Globe Alpha site?

Answer: Should you have a compliant relating to our site, we ask that you send us details of your compliant. We will consider your compliant and endeavour to deal with it ASAP.

9. What is my Globe Alpha?

Answer: You can manage your ads (edit, re-post and delete), update profile, changing password and add favourites to your account.

10. How can I change the images of my ads while I am editing for re-post?

Answer: you can change images of your ad by clicking manage ads from my Globe Alpha and click on edit option (which is under product title).

11. Can I share ads on social networking sites?

Answer: Yes, once you open the ad, you can find Facebook and Twitter tabs under product images. Click on any one of your choice account and share your ad.


12. How can I get better response to my ad on Globe Alpha?

Answer: To get people attention to your ad, you should follow few simple guidelines:

  • Make your ad description precise and clear.
  •  Add contact information correctly.
  • Mention location and availability of your product.
  • Use text editor features like (colours, font, and bullets) to enhance your ad.
  • Upload good quality colour images.

13. What is the expiry time of my ads posted on Globe Alpha?

Answer: your ad will be live for 90 days and you will receive reminder notification to your e-mail account 7days before your ad expires and also asks to re-post your ad.

14. Can I post ads on Globe Alpha on behalf of others like a posting agent?

Answer: no, you are not allowed to post ads on behalf of others (example: like a posting agent). If you post an ad, you will be held responsible for the ad.

15. Does every ad as same expiry date?

Answer: at this moment we are facilitating Globe Alpha users to keep their ads listed in different category free for 90 days.

16. Can I use active URL links in my postings?

Answer: you can post it, but it should be start with http:// and link should be active.

17. My posting is still not listed for advertisement?

Answer: if your ad does not match Globe Alpha criteria, it will not be approved. Reasons may (because of precise product description, contact information or it may be prank ad)

Thank you for visiting our site and using the Globe Alpha FREE services, we hope you will get the most out of Globe Alpha web site.

   We hope that this help site will answer your most questions, and if you have any further question or need help please do not hesitate to contact our Globe Alpha team.

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Updated 1st June 2014